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My Hero – for my Godfather Roy Rogers

Through the sagebrush

Tumbleweeds carom in the wind

Like lost souls.

A coyote’s lonely howl

Echoes down rocky canyon walls

In harmony with the mourning dove.

Into this American landscape

Rides a fair man on a golden horse.

The sunrise

Carries the song of his soul

Like a joyful noise.

The Idea of the West

Lives in the heroic block of his Stetson.

And the faith and trust

Of children everywhere

Rest on his shoulders light as air.

It was a deal he made with himself.

The King of the Cowboys …

Just a man

With a good heart

Who rode into the sunset.



For my Godfather

Roy Rogers

with much love

C CINDA 1989

Read about my mom, former RKO actress, Linda Hayes, and Roy Rogers on the set. Also, find out about my novel, “Francesca of Lost Nation,” and its companion song, “Stories They Could Tell.”


Roy Rogers

Linda Hayes